Oklahoma Medical marijuana generates $34.5M in tax revenue for the state thus far…

With more than 214,000 patient and business licenses being given out so far, it has been a busy year for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Those medical marijuana licenses have generated $34.5 million in tax revenue so far, and OMMA Chief of Staff Jackie Shawnee told KOCO 5 that the agency has been busy fielding questions from patients to elected officials. The staff's primary focus at the moment is improving its responsiveness, and Shawnee said the money the tax revenue has generated for Oklahoma will be how that goal will be accomplished.

"Currently working to hire permanent staff so we can set up a permanent call center and be responsive to those seeking licenses and to the industry as well," Shawnee said. "The call center will be something you can call in if you have a question about your license, your business -- if you're a business owner."

According to Shawnee, the money will also help fun some much-needed upgrades that will help Oklahomans receive their licenses faster.

"Upgrading IT infrastructure so we can make licenses available online," she said. "We'll also be setting up an oversight lab."

Shawnee told KOCO 5 there's no way to tell, at this point, if the numbers will increase or stay steady. No matter what happens, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will adjust accordingly.

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