Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority “Emergency Rules”

Beginning August 30th, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will have updated forms and applications on it’s website at OMMA.ok.gov, per the new rules effective September 14th, 2019. These new ’emergency rules’, approved by Governor Kevin Still will update the regulatory process by establishing new license categories.

These new categories were enacted in accordance with statutory modifications made during the 2019 legislative sessions, and effects both cannabis patients and businesses.


For patients, the changes include the ability to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from physicians licensed by and in good standing with the Oklahoma Podiatric Medical Examiners Board. Podiatrists (D.P.M.) will now be able to provide recommendations along with Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.) and Medical Doctors (M.D.).

A new 60-day short-term license will be available for adult and minor Oklahoma residents with a 60-day doctor’s recommendation. The license fee will be $100 or $20 for patients who qualify for a discount.

Veterans with a 100% disability rating from the Veteran’s Administration will now be able to receive a medical marijuana patient license with a discounted application fee of $20.

The online renewal system for businesses will be available starting August 30 as well. Businesses should submit their renewal application prior to the expiration date of their license but no sooner than 60 days before it expires. Submitting the renewal application on time will allow the existing license to remain valid while the renewal is in process.

Stand-alone transporter licenses are a new business license category, along with individual transporter agent licenses. A transporter license and an individual transporter agent card will be required for transporting medical marijuana. The fee for stand-alone transporter licenses is $2500 for one year, and the fee for each one year transporter agent license is $100. Growers, processors, and dispensaries will continue to be issued a transporter license upon approval of their business license. Transporter agents must work with their employer to submit their application and must apply for a separate license for each employer if working for multiple businesses.

All business applicants are now required to submit with their application a Certificate of Compliance completed by the political subdivision where the business is located. The required certificate is available at OMMA.ok.gov. Businesses within the City of Oklahoma City’s jurisdiction will submit the certificate provided by Oklahoma City.

Other license categories and rule changes not included in these current emergency rules are still under review and will be available at a later date.


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